Wars and Battles of the Roman Republic

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Wars and Battles of the Roman Republic examines the decisive battles from the founding of Rome in 753 BC to the birth of Julius Caesar in 100BC; it covers the social and political consequences, as well as the military aspects of each conflict. Every war and battle had wide-ranging consequences, leading Rome from kingdom to republic, from local power to international superpower, and from republic to empire. The book makes full use of the accounts of historians and political writers, contemporary and otherwise, including Livy, Sallust, Caesar, Cicero, Polybius, Plutarch and Dio, as well as sculptural and architectural evidence. A unique feature of this book is its focus on the causes of the wars and battles and the military and socio-political consequences of each for Rome and its allies. It highlights what caused each conflict and what Rome did next - for victories and disasters alike. A unique chapter covers women and war - an important topic that has been neglected by ancient and modern writers until now.

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