VN091 Stars ‘n’ Stripes Combat Cameraman

King & Country

Stars ‘n’ Stripes, the U.S. Forces newspaper sent military correspondents and photographers all over South Vietnam to cover virtually every aspect of the war from ‘Search and Destroy’... to ‘Winning Hears and Minds’. They also had some trained personnel who used motion picture cameras to capture film of the troops in action throughout the country for use on AFNVN (Armed Forces Network Viet Nam). There’s also a couple of great scenes in ‘Full Metal Jacket’ where the Grunts are being interviewed about the war and their attitudes to it. In the same movie while the troops are taking cover a camera crew moves alongside them filming the action. Our crouching combat cameraman can fit perfectly into any kind of ‘Vietnam’ scene...


Category: K&C Vietnam War

Type: Miniature