VN017 The U.S.M.C. M274 “MULE”

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The U.S. Military M274 1/2 Ton, 4x4 Utility Platform Truck was a 4-wheel drive gasoline – powered truck / tractor type of vehicle that could carry up to half a ton of weapons, ammunition or supplies with an off –road capability. First introduced in 1956 it saw plenty of action during the Vietnam conflict and remained in service until the 1980’s. As a completely open and exposed vehicle the M274, better known as “The Mule”, offered zero protection to the driver and was mainly operated in an infantry support role as previously stated. “Mules” could also be adapted to carry many types of conventional weapon including the M40 106mm Recoilless Rifle... TOW Anti Tank Missiles and even both the M60 and .50 Cal. Machine Guns. Our K&C model can carry a wounded Marine and a Navy Corpsman or a load of supplies... The “Mule” itself comes with its driver together with his M16.

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