Nürnberg's Panzer Factory Hardcover

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This book is an illustrated study of the vehicles designed, developed and produced at the M.A.N. factory in Nürnberg during the period 1934-1945. Although the production of trucks was, and remains, an important factor in the company's success, it was M.A.N.'s experience designing armored fighting vehicles during the '30s and early '40s that led to the Pz.Kpfw. V Panther in 1942 for which it is most renowned during WWII. The Panther would be designed, tested and produced in several models before war's end, and all phases would be captured on film by the company photographer. Here are the crystal clear photos he took showing Panther interiors, prototype testing, proving ground trials, assembly lines, and, at the end, the damage inflicted by Allied bombing raids. But that's not all. Recently discovered information sheds new light on the production of Panthers a the plant in the final months of the war, including the surprise addition of a new assembly firm to Panther production. The repair, refurbishment and conversion of other armored vehicles is also examined, with much new information being presented here for the first time. Of the 222 photographs selected to illustrate this book, most are previously unpublished, a fitting tribute to the fresh innovations born at Nürnberg's Panzer Factory.

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