NOR023 Waffen-SS Panzer Grenadier Throwing Grenade

First Legion

NOR023 Waffen-SS Panzer Grenadier Throwing Grenade
The Waffen-SS was initially created as the armed wing of the Nazi Party, but gradually over the course of the war was expanded to some 38 divisions.   They fought on both the Eastern and Western front alongside the Heer Divisions of the German Army.    They were typically given priority for equipment and were, at least initially, made up of the most loyal and die hard soldiers.   As such they proved extremely capable in battle with the tank divisions in particular being most feared by their opposition.   Created for our Battle of Normandy range, these extremely flexible toy soldiers can be used as Panzer Grenadiers from just about any Waffen-SS division including 12th SS Hitler Jugend, 1st SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, 17th SS Gotz von Berlichingen, 2nd SS Das Reich, 9th SS Hohenstaufen, or 10th SS Frundsberg.  Our inspiration was to have them as members of the 17th SS opposing the US Paratroopers at the Battle of Bloody Gulch famously depicted in the mini-series Band of Brothers, however, as you can see they can represent any of these formations.   With this latest expansion of our Battle of Normandy figure range the US now have some opposition as the Waffen-SS take the field!


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