King Arthur: The Mystery Unravelled

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This book is the culmination of over thirty years of work and research by the author, who is a King Arthur specialist and bestseller.

The book brings new information to light by examining through a jigsaw of connections throughout Dark Age Britain, especially Wales and Cornwall, as King Arthur is revealed to have been a hereditary King of the ancient land of the Silures in South Wales.

In this way, Chris Barber has set out to reveal the true identity of King Arthur, whose identity has been obscured by the mists of time and the imaginative embellishments of romantic writers through the ages. After sorting fact from fiction, he not only identifies the Celtic prince who gave rise to the legend of Arthur, but reveals his family background, 6th century inscribed stones bearing his name and those of his contemporaries, locations of his courts, battle sites such as Badon Llongborth and Camlann, the identity of his enemies, the ancient Isle of Avalon, and his final resting place.

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