DAK041 German SdKfz 251/3 - 15th Panzer Division

First Legion

DAK041 - German SdKfz 251/3  - 15th Panzer Division
First Legion is pleased to present the latest vehicle for our DAK figure range, the SdKfz 251/3 of the 15th Panzer Division! This incredibly detailed vehicle adds to your display options for the 15th Panzer Division particularly when coupled with set DAK038/DAK039  and our various DAK Reconnaissance vehicles.   The command variant 251/3 has one of the rear bench seats removed and fitted with communications equipment and comes complete with a Radio Operator figure.   The “bedstead” antenna can be removed to allow for figures to be placed in the rear as well.  Finally, it comes with a driver figure seated in place who can be seen from back as well as through the driver vision port.   With so many fantastic display options, this vehicle will make a wonderful addition to any serious WWII toy soldier collection!These vehicles are truly of superlative quality and are much more hand crafted and hand modelled than they are a simplistic "toy soldier" vehicle.    Please note that DAK043 Officer with Map can be purchased separately and displayed both inside and outside of this vehicle


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Type: Miniature