16090 - 42nd Foot Royal Highland Regiment Grenadier Standing Defending, 1758-63

W. Britains

42nd Royal Highland Regiment Grenadier Standing Defending, 1758-63

This Grenadier is in the full uniform that this regiment is known to have worn in this period, although some modification may have occurred for service in the dense forests of North America. In some cases the small kilt and Indian leggings may have replaced the belted plaid and knit red and white hose. The regiment may have been one of the first to officially wear the bearskin grenadier cap, as this style cap was not described in regulations until 1768, though by then the embroidered front plate was likely replaced buy a lacquered tin plate with the royal arms. For campaign, the soldiers were issued tin canteens suspended by a cord and a haversack of unbleached linen for rations. These were probably worn on the right side when the broad sword was carried on the left.

1/30 scale

Matte Finish

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Category: W. Britain's Clash of Empires

Type: Miniature