13054 U.S. Marine in Dress Blues, Post WWII

W. Britains

Referred to as “Full Blues Dress Order” these uniforms hearken back to some of the original U.S.M.C. designs. In fact, with very few changes, this dress uniform has been in service the longest of any of the U.S. military branches. The tunic seen here has four pockets stitched on the outside of the jacket indicating its post war manufacture. The high, stand-up collar resembles that of the Continental Marines who wore leather collars and despite popular mythology, it was never meant to fend off sword blows — its purpose was to make the Marine hold his head up straight. The Peaked Cap, white dress cap, or “barracks/garrison cover” displays the famous Eagle, Globe, and Anchor device on the crown.


Category: W. Britain Museum Collection

Type: Miniature